Service Fees for the Web3 Transfer Agent Depository

Investments in your professional securities accounting, among other business success offerings.

Tiny cap table today? Get your first securities offering done right from day one at no charge. 👀

Last Updated: February 12, 2024

Pre-IPO Application Phase

We support small business. 💪 Don't let unregistered noncompliant stock contracts ruin your future fundraising.

Consult with our service experts for free. 🗣 Our first client didn't pay a cent until we assisted them for 6 months.

Private Essentials


Startup Business - $100/mo plus any amount of equity

Get TAD3 from day one - straightforward equity securities from your startup to IPO. 🧮

Yes, that means your first SAFE (which is a security). 💸 Compliant accounting matters.

If you've got more equity than cash, then this is for you. Align your growth with ours. 📈

Additional consideration locked for 7 years. 🔐 Aside from payments, we hold no stocks.

We maintain your service despite missed payments. Investors still need proper records.

Standard Company - $500/mo

All the same great features from TAD3. For established issuers that just need accounting. 🧮

Growth Gateway - Syndicated billing with 9% profit margin

Regulation CF Offering* - From $5,000

Regulation A Type 1 Offering - From $7,500

Regulation A Type 2 Offering - From $10,000

Regulation S/Foreign Placements - Country Based

Public Elite - Syndicated billing with 7% profit margin

Ex-DTCC Offerings - From $0

Traditional IPO Fee - From $1,000

Shelf Offering Plan - From $25,000

Employee Compensation Plan - Usage Based

*Offered through affiliated broker DAO.